IPD Certificate of Goharsa Surgery Center

International Patient Department

Health Tourism (Medical Tourism) in Iran

Convenient facilities and space

Providing comfortable accommodation for patients and their companions during treatment

Advanced medical equipment

Providing modern services with advanced equipment

Top doctors and surgeons

Benefit from the most renowned Iranian surgical specialists

Experienced and professional staff

Staff and nurses fluent in Arabic and English

The Goharsa Surgery International Patient Unit provides surgical services to clients who have traveled from their home country to obtain these services.

The IPD team after review the client’s medical records and related diagnostic tests determines the required service . You can be in touch with us by email ”info@goharsa.com” and Social networks to consulting , request and track your treatment needs and estimated cost of treatment.

By using of multilingual staff ; the patient can contact with translators and communicate with us, and we respond at twenty-four hours by seven days in the shortest possible time.

We try to provide surgical services at the Goharsa Surgical Center for comfortable stay as soon as possible. We provide specialized services using the latest technology in every field of medicine. We are looking forward to serving you .

Please contact us for more information by the following ways .

IPD Team arrange any medical appointment Includes : consultation, diagnostic and treatment procedures, and any other required, as well as after come back to home country, we cooprate with your doctor to monitor and follow up on care instructions and postoperative treatment plan.

IPD Department
  • IPD Experts:

Part of the job description : Welcoming the international patient, performing the patient admission process, accompanying the patient throughout the all process

  • IPD General Practitioners:

Part of the job description: International Patient Visit, Patient Rights Description, IHR Completion Form

  • IPD Nurses:

Part of the job description: Recognizing and acquiring information about the international patient’s health status, recording all the actions taken, describing the patient’s rights, providing the necessary training at discharge

IPD Certificate of Goharsa Surgery Center
GolKari Taraneh

IPD Expert

Bayati Fahimeh

IPD Nurse

Dr Hasan Honarvar

Doctor IPD

Dr Miri Afsaneh

IPD physician

Some packages available to international patients

Costs of some surgical procedures at Goharsa Surgery Center

  • Keratoplasty Corneal Transplantation
  • from 1800 $
  • corneal transplantationLess than a Day

Free medical services

Free medical services

Providing medical and surgical services to patients

Patient hospitalization services

Patient hospitalization services

Providing hospitalization and patient care services

Providing consulting services

Providing consulting services

Free consultation with a doctor at the center

Free companion translator

Free companion translator

Companion translator for free

Trip planning , Online support

Advice on providing services and receiving a medical visa

Our IPD experts are always available and at the service of patients in 24*7 to answer all their questions, advice on getting a medical visa as well as planning and coordinating the services.

Advice on providing services and receiving a medical visa
Medical & healthcare services

Providing medical and patient services

Providing all medical, medicinal, surgical, hospitalization and patient care services as well as consulting services with surgen doctors and post-operative care education to patients at clinic and …

Providing medical and patient services
Accommodations & tourism services

Tourism and accommodation services for patients and their companions

Providing accommodation for the patient companions in the best hotels of the Mashhad holy city and providing tourist services and guidance on travel , tour and transfer services …

Tourism and accommodation services for patients and their companions

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    Dear International Visitors
    Laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran

    We are delighted welcome pilgrims and overseas visitors to Mashhad the city of Imam Reza Holy Shrine.in terms of your stay here, we would like to draw your attention to adhere to the below rules and procedures that required by the law in Iran.

    Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
    1. 1
      Respect for Islamic values

      Kindly observe the Islamic laws in the Islamic Republic of Iran such as having islamic hejab for ladies, non-holding and consumption of alcoholic beverages and respecting islamic ethics in dealing with the ladies.

    2. 2
      Current Regulations of the Islamic Republic

      Observe the regulations of customs, quarantine, insurance at the public transportation center such as airports, railroad and bus terminals as well as devoting your attention to the advice of police and customs officials upon your arrival, departure and transit.

    3. 3
      Accommodation and Accommodation

      Lodging at hotels and other certified residential places. in case of settlement in a private resident, you need to attend the nearest police station to notifying your residential address within 48 hours after arriving to iran. ( according to the Irans civil code for entrance and settlement of foreign nationals in Iran ratified May 24 th 1931 ).

    4. 4

      Please only take public transit both for inner and outer city transportation.

    5. 5
      Medical care and Treatment

      Take medical care and treatment only in the verified, credible and official medical centers, hospitals and clinics that meet IPD.

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      Acceptance application form

      Self-assessment form for screening clients before admission to Goharsa Surgery Center

      فرم درخواست پذیرش

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