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Goharsa Surgery Center

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Goharsa Surgery Center providing health and beauty services

Goharsa Surgery Center Departments

Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

eye surgery

Eye Care

Ophthalmic surgeries

Ear nose and throat


Surgery of the larynx, nose & ...

Orthopedic surgery


Bone and Joint Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

The first surgeries performed at the center were cosmetic surgeries. At present, most of the surgeries are the same as well . For example, rhinoplasty surgery, which means changing the shape of the nose that can be caused by a change in the appearance of the nose or a change in the nasal septum. Nasal surgery is usually performed to beautify the appearance of the nose or improve breathing function by removing its internal defects.

جراحی زیبایی سینه و پستان-ماموپلاستی-مرکز جراحی گهرسا


جراحی زیبایی بدن-لیپوساکشن-مرکز جراحی گهرسا




Eye Surgery Department
Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery

Contract with NourAfarin Ophthalmology Center which is unique in its kind in eastern Iran . It has led to that Goharsa Surgical Center proud to work with “ Dr Siamak Zarei Ghanawaati “ . Following his trust, a number of other top ophthalmologists from faculty member of university also collaborated with us

ENT Surgery Department
ENT Surgery

ENT Surgery

Our ENT doctors by focus on providing health care to patients with complex ear, nose and throat disorders, are trying to find the most appropriate and the best treatment method for each individual’s situation. At the Goharsa Surgery Center a wide range of medical and surgical services for ear nose throat also head and neck problems are handled by expert surgeons . Some of the diseases that are treated by our doctors that include :

Nasal sinus surgery, sinusitis, head and neck cancer, nasal duct obstruction, chronic ear disease

جراحی ارتوپدی
Orthopetic Surgery

Bone and Joint Surgery

Orthopedic doctors treat patients with related diseases of bone , joints and spine  . These include : fractures and dislocations, congenital and acquired paralysis, repair of peripheral nerves and tendon also bone tumor treatment

Shoulder surgery

Shoulder surgery

Knee surgery

Knee surgery

spinal cord

spinal cord

Ankle surgery

Ankle surgery

Goharsa Surgery Center
Goharsa Surgery Center providing health and beauty services in Holy Mashhad city

Know more about Goharsa Specialized Surgery Center

The lovely word “Goharsa” means “like a gem”. we hope so , it shines as bright gem Like its name , In the field of treatment , health and beauty ; always like now. We have made every effort to bring you the most prominent Iranian doctors and surgeons along with the most complete and up-to-date medical equipment in the world.

Health insurance
Contract insurance
International Patients Department

International Patient Department (IPD)

The Goharsa Surgery International Patient Unit provides surgical services to clients who have traveled from their home country to obtain these services. The IPD team after review the client’s medical records and related diagnostic tests determines the required service . You can be in touch with us to consulting , request and track your treatment needs and estimated cost of treatment.

Top Iranian doctors

Goharsa Surgery Center Doctors

Patient satisfaction is not accident, Your trust is valuable to us

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