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    What are the causes of cataracts?

    The most common cause of cataracts is aging. Other causes include: Family history of cataracts, Medical problems such as diabetes, Getting hit in the eye, Prolonged use of medications such as corticosteroids, Prolonged exposure to sunlight, History of eye surgery

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    How is cataract diagnosed?

    A thorough examination by an ophthalmologist can determine the presence and extent of cataracts, as well as any other problems that may cause vision loss or discomfort. Besides cataracts, retinal or optic nerve problems may also cause vision loss. If these problems are present, full vision may not be returned after cataract surgery. If these problems are severe, even cataract surgery may not improve vision. An ophthalmologist can tell you how likely these problems are in your case

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    How is cataract treated?

    The only treatment for cataracts is surgery. However, the symptoms of cataracts are mild. Changing the score of the glasses may temporarily solve your problems. There is no medication, diet, exercise, or lighting device that can cure or prevent cataracts. Avoiding sunlight may help slow down the progression of cataracts. Sunglasses that absorb ultraviolet light or prescription glasses with an ultraviolet coating can help to protect the eyes.

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    Are there any alternatives to septorhinoplasty?

    If the person's nose is blocked due to septal deviation, only septoplasty surgery may be needed.
    Rhinoplasty is the only way to change the appearance of the nose. If the cause of the nasal obstruction is deviation or damage to the nasal bones, rhinoplasty (usually done with septoplasty) is the only option to improve the way a person breathes.

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    How long will septo rhinoplasty surgery take?

    The duration of surgery depends on the techniques used and whether or not a combination of methods is used. Simple methods can take at least 45 minutes, while more complex methods can take up to 3 hours or more.

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