Announcement of termination of cooperation with Mr. Taheri

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Announcement of termination of cooperation with Mr. Farid Taheri, translator of the International Patients Unit (ipd) Date of announcement : 2020/10/11 Due to the termination of Mr. Farid Taheri (Kaabi) ‘s cooperation with Goharsa Surgery Center, any communication with patients by her is not supported by the center and they will be personally responsible. Therefore, […]

Nurse Day Ceremony of 1398

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On the occasion of the birth of Hazrat Zainab (SA) which is celebrated as a nurse’s day in Iran, a special ceremony held to appreciate of the Goharsa surgery center’s personnel At Aras Hotel of Mashhad, which it was included: managers speech, live music performances by traditional and pop bands and donated some gifts to […]

Common Eye Diseases and Surgeries

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P.R.KP.R.K Due to the global growing tendency to correct refractive errors (i.e., hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism) without the use of glasses, PhotorefractiveKeratectomy (PRK) can be regarded as a good alternative.In this method, firstly, the eye is numbed with a topical anesthetic, then the corneal surface layer (corneal epithelium) is removed with a special device and […]

Improving the quality of international patient services

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With the launch of IPD (International Patient Admission Unit) and quality improvement of these patients, a contract was concluded with International Patients Consulting Company. Patient education after discharge Providing educational packages as well as dispatching nurses for home care upon request by a physician … Speeding up the admission and clearance process Shorten the relevant […]

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