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Nose Job Surgery (Septorhinoplasty)

Septoplasty & Rhinoplasty
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Nose septum deviation surgery

What is Septoplasty Surgery?

Septoplasty surgery Is a type of rhinoplasty that is used to correct the deviation of the nasal septum. When the medial cartilage and bone become abnormal and tilt to one side, we see blockage or clogging in one of or both nostrils. Naturally, this problem causes injuries to other organs, the most common symptoms are recurrent headaches, infections of the oral cavity, dry saliva, respiratory problems, and nosebleeds.

During septoplasty, the septum of the nose returns to normal and the respiratory factors of the physical shape and function of the nose are examined and, if necessary, any other existing flaws will be fixed.

What is Septoplasty	Surgery
Nose job surgery

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery means Correction of the external structure of the nose in order to solve cosmetic defects. Any of these surgeries can be done alone or together which is then called SeptoRhinoplasty.

What is Rhinoplasty	Surgery
Important points of nose surgery

Care after Rhinoplasty Surgery

1.Most patients experience little to no pain after nose surgery, but any persisting pain can be reduced with painkillers.
2.You can replace the bandage below the nose if necessary.
3.If you have a nasal tampon inside your nose visit your doctor in order to remove it within the time specified by the surgeon.
4.Keep the splint on for as long as your doctor thinks is appropriate, so maintain the splint dry and do not touch it.
5.In the first week after surgery, the top of your bed should be at a 30 degree angle (similar to hospital bed backrest) so that the body is placed on a sloping surface from the waist up, which can be created by placing a few pillows under the mattress.
6.Using an ice pack around the eyes and cheeks in the first 24-48 hours is effective in reducing swelling and discoloration of the skin.
7.Sneeze with your mouth open.

8.During the first few days after surgery you shouldn’t bend so that your head is below your heart level, for example, when praying, it is better to bring the turbah to the forehead and to avoid bending the head and body downwards.
9.You may shower 24 hours after the surgery but you should avoid wetting your head and face (Someone has to aid you in the bath so that you do not fall).
10.In the first few days after the surgery, a small amount of nasal discharge may come out, which should be wiped with a tissue but your nose should not be touched.
11.Do not insert anything inside your nostril for cleaning purposes.
12.It is better to eat fast-digesting food for the first 24-48 hours. Do not eat foods that need to be chewed for a long time in the first week after the surgery. Eat low-salt or no-salt foods for the first 10 days (to reduce swelling). There are no other restrictions on food.

13.Avoid activities that cause intense movement of the facial muscles, such as crying, laughing, and talking a lot in the first week.
14.Brush your teeth gently with a soft toothbrush. Avoid moving or touching the upper lip (to prevent nasal movement).
15.You can clean the parts of the face that are outside the glued part with a damp cotton, but the glue should not get wet.
16.Do not wash your hair in the first week after the surgery unless someone helps you wash it from behind so that the nasal bandage does not get wet.
17.In the first week after the surgery, use clothes that open from the back or front.
18.Use the prescribed medications thoroughly and accurately.

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